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SeAH Coated Metal's surface treatment products are widely applied in major industries such as machinery, automotive, and shipbuilding due to their excellent safety and durability that protect structures while being easy to work with.


Paint application : SQP, RMP

Method of manufacture : 2C2B or 3C3B + EMBO or LAMI

Applications : ship units, waterproof panels, refrigeration panels, antibacterial panels, and antistatic panels


Base Metal : Al alloy

Paint application : SQP, RMP

Method of manufacture : 2C2B or 3C3B

Applications : special vehicles (composite panels, wingbodies, doors), campers, etc.

Coated Steel Sheet

Product application : GI

Applications : duct, fuel tanks, switchboards, conduits, steel pipes for greenhouses, etc.

Pickled & Oiled Steel Sheet

Applications : sheet frames and material pipes for automobiles and construction equipment, steel pipes and brackets for chassis parts, etc