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SeAH Coated Metal is dedicated to exploring innovative ideas and creative solutions. Together with its customers, SeAH Coated Metal is constantly striving to develop future-leading surface treatment steel sheet technology.

R&D Center Vision 2030

R&D Center Milestone


Developed high-quality non-combustible ceramic pre-painted steel sheet manufacturing technology


Produced hot-dip aluminum/zinc alloy-coated steel sheet (GL)


Produced pre-painted steel sheet with an aluminum thickness of 2.5 mmT Developed Clad pre-painted steel sheet


Produced three or four color-printed steel sheets (PRINCOAT) Produced leather / polka-dot embossed steel sheets


Produced fluorine (PVDF)-printed steel sheets


Produced SMP resin steel sheets (B404, E419)


Produced laminated steel sheets


Produced self-healing black steel sheets (for home appliances and partitions)


Produced chameleon steel sheets for composite panels (M900)


Produced SQP steel sheets (Super-Quality Polyester)


Produced thick-film urethane steel sheets (gray, brown)


Produced EGI PDP BACK steel sheets (color code: K021)