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Major Processes

SeAH Coated Metal manufactures a wide range of products with superior quality and exceptional characteristics based on the best surface treatment expertise in Korea.


(Continuous Pickling Line)

    • 1. PAY OFF REEL

      Charge the raw materials (hot coils), weld the coils' front and rear ends, and then transfer strips to the entry looper


      Equipment for accumulating strips for in-process storage of steel sheets when welding coils at the entry section


      Equipment that removes scale from the surface of a strip by immersing or spraying it with a hydrochloric acid solution


      Facility that removes residual hydrochloric acid solution from the strips in the pickling section with rinse water

    • 5. EXIT LOOPER

      Equipment for accumulating strips to store in-process steel sheets when drawing coils from the tension reel


      Perform the winding work for products and the oiling work for sales after cutting the pickled strips