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Pickled & Oiled Steel Sheet

Pickled and oiled (PO) steel sheets are products in which the surface iron oxides (Scale) on hot-rolled steel sheets have been removed with a hydrochloric acid solution and an anti-rust oil has been applied. While maintaining the material properties of hot-rolled products, it has excellent workability, weldability, and paintability.


The largest production capacity in Korea

SeAH Coated Metal produces 500,000 tonnes of pickled and oiled steel sheets annually, which are used for cold rolling and supplied as raw materials for various industries such as general structures, automotive and home appliance parts, industrial equipment, and materials.

Manufacturing range

  • Thickness


    Unit weight

    Steel grade

  • · 1.6 ~ 4.0mm

    · 600 ~ 1,350mm

    · 3 ~ 25ton/Coil

    · SAE1002 ~SAE1022
    (DDQ ~ SQE)